Thursday, 16 June 2016

Defining the Conservative Justice Warrior (CJW)

Fools are my theme, let satire be my song. Lord Byron English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
Hello dear blog readers!
CJWs after Orlando
The time has come for me to address a particularly sentient epistemological issue that exists within the social media world. It's basically the modern version of an EPIC battle that's been raging ever since humans first started debating which cave painting was the "most beautiful" by creating new cave paintings to show approval or disapproval with the original one, with the chosen judges never really agreeing fully with either side despite mad finger pointing and wagging designating a wish for some definitive answer from an "objective source of truth" that'll never come!

With that in mind, which political leaning is best for advocating a positive, progressive approach for LGBTQIA individuals - the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) or "leftie" approach or what I now call the Conservative Justice Warrior (CJW) or "rightie" approach?

Now I guess I could be accused of having a vested interest in the debate, having been labelled as a SJW by a few UK based commentators pretty much since I started using my Twitter account in May 2016; perhaps my "how very dare you" desire to exercise my democratic right to exist and comment on issues as they happen online in my own way as a trans dyspraxic and dyslexic person annoyed the hell out of those who are very quick to judge in private conversations but too timid to say "Jack Shit" about it in public. Yes, there are conservatives out there who are so hung up on their inner conservative identity that they want  people to think the Sun shines out their "perfect" asses when really they hate the mere existence of a debate on queer identities or trans rights activism in the first place.

It seems bizarre to me that all of the users who labelled me were white, cis, (often older) men who tried to tell me that me using any form of contretemps was "just plain wrong" and "sinful" without even pointing to any specific lines of lexis and syntax that demonstrated I was wrong in the comments I made. Perhaps they were just threatened by my rhetorical ability and strength of conviction to call them out on their own hidden prejudices and for daring to talk of "trans issues" whilst debating political ones. Guess what - politics and trans identity issues ARE linked! Anyone observing current events connected with "bathroom wars down North Carolina way" knows that.
Why can't most North Carolianians accept this?
CJWs want trans people to "drop the bathroom nonsense" like "right now." They don't believe that trans people should be advocating at all for their right to use the gender bathroom they identity with and yet when a practical solution to the problem is offered in the form of
providing gender neutral bathrooms that would satisfy all parties concerned and most moderate conservatives agree with it,  they shut down the argument by stating there is a  "massive cost to the taxpayer" or  that "women and children could still get raped in a gender neutral bathroom and their safety matters first." Same old, same old!

I believe CJWs are being very selective semantically; they know that women regularly use male cubicles if women's bathrooms are crowded on a night out without much concern because they know the chances of being raped in a nightclub are minimal compared to being raped at home by a family member or friend. The cubicles have locks on them so it's easy to do a poop and leave. ITS COMMON SENSE! I have no issues with using such cubicles because I always have used them and have never used urinals. I pee sitting down and have done since I was potty trained in 1991!

Nonetheless, for those transwomen who haven't had the confidence to go in men's bathrooms for fear of being attacked, they must have the right to use a women's bathroom and vice versa for transmen, unless NC legislators back down and install those gender neutral toilets! Knowing US southern state politics this is very unlikely any time soon!
So what's so special about CJWs?

A CJW is essentially any individual, of any gender persuasion and sexuality who promotes socially regressive ultra conservative  patriarchal views in a forceful, shallow, ill-constructed way and for their own personal gain at the cost of all those who disagree in any way with their views. They also regularly bemoan the fact that their cause isn't being listened to and that they are the victims of a diverse agenda. They are usually evangelical Christians (but can be orthodox Jews or hard-line Muslims or even atheists)  who want to crush the "individuality myth" and hate political correctness in all its forms, especially when related to LGBTQIA, feminist, anticorruption (socialist) and antiracist identity politics. 

CJWs  hate feminism so much they want to "crush it" semantically speaking because of their mistaken belief that such "identity driven politics" stop individuals being themselves. It's the same when it comes to labels within the LGBTQIA community; they accuse us of "adding labels for the sheer hell of it" without even bothering to do their own research as to what these extra labels constitute and why the LGBT community have started to include them in key social and political campaigns. We SJWs see such political collaborations on social media platforms as a powerful way to try and enact change, at a local, national and global level. We care a lot about making sure we reach a variety of audiences, so as to empower those whose voices may be disenfranchised or disarmed in their communities. We are inclusive but won't tolerate people thinking they are better than everyone else on every level. We'll leave that to CJWs.

CJWs are very adept at retweeting and rehashing the thoughts of their demigods on a daily basis. They love mass buying merchandise to show their support; some will spend hundreds of $ or £ on tacky tees and ridiculously biased books (they're basically regurgitated antiquated forms of propaganda masquerading as treatises on modern lifestyles). Many regularly attack those commentators  whom their masters declare are "the enemy" and make it clear through tweets or posts that they must be attacked at all costs so as to protect their own wanton ego driven credibility. These "trumpeters" are pretty much groupie creators for the status quo. Accuse me of cognitive dissonance if you will but remember that CJWs are no better than SJWs when it comes to the sustained levels of promotion for their cause(s).

I've seen CJWs adopt stances which are "the most" acceptable to their social circle, an attack which has been levelled at SJWs! I'm sure dear Mamma and Papa would be veldig glad you brought a "drop dead gorgeous" boyfriend home these days but there are the usual ridic caveats; he has to be white, (preferably European or American), "straight acting" (whatever the hell that is), in business or have a good steady job, only like "manly" sports and must never under any circumstances show up "the family" at a posh dinner party dressed in a multi-coloured dinner jacket and acting like Graham Norton and Alan Carr on steroids/LSD/any drug other than cocaine.

Sassy Truths from Patsy
Often CJWs want LGBTQIA people to apologise profusely for having the audacity to have been born the way they are and so must try everything in their power to get them to conform to principles espoused by the conservative "Establishment" which are ultra oppressive in nature. For example, some  CJWs love to say they are "the best" at being Christians; they demonstrate this by espousing the banally retentive view that marriage should remain the preserve of what they term "ordinary decent" people- i.e. between man and woman.

We can't espouse any view that may be deemed "dangerous to life"- that means no abortion, no euthanasia, no right to choose what you do with the body that God gave you whilst you're trying to eek out an existence on Planet Earth. Liberal Christians like myself have no issue with abortion, euthanasia, tattooing or any other "body abomination" CJW Christians want to decry. As Jerimiah 22:3 notes "Do justice and righteousness, and deliver the one who has been robbed from the power of his oppressor. Also do not mistreat or do violence to the stranger, the orphan, or the widow; and do not shed innocent blood...."

Some CJWs even want to go so far as to "cure" their own homosexuality or feminism and consequently feel that all people should be curing themselves of any sexuality that deviates from "the norm". This can lead to the premise that transpeople shouldn't be allowed to marry just because they dare to challenge the patriarchal ideal that marriage should only be for those that want to "beget children." CJWs want transwomen to feel inferior because they can't biologically give birth to a child.
CJWs also love the idea that there should be a dress code for transgender people to follow in the workplace so as to not "offend" their colleagues. This means that a transman can't be seen as a man unless he's wearing a monochrome washed out suit to work and transwomen can't wear lace dresses just in case there is a "bulge" flash when clients are coming to discuss their business tax returns for the year. I know transgender people would never willingly wear anything controversial to the office for fear of being deemed a pervert or fetishist, so to patronise trans people in this way is just pathetic!

CJWs seen through a homogeneous grouping lens are not special at all; they just like to think they are. They say the same about SJWs; they love grouping us together on random "hit" lists and attacking us for our collective (usually feminist) views. I think SJWs should respond by grouping CJWs together and calling them out on their prejudices. Fighting fire with fire may mean you get a little burnt in the process but I'm a great believer in the "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" philosophy.

What can SJWs do about CJWs?

Here's a few arguments CJWs use to defend their position and suggestions as to how to rebuke it:
  • "Heterophobia is real" - I'm sure it is real, but there are far more heterosexuals in the world than there are LGBTQIA individuals and we have been silenced and oppressed by restrictive punitive legislation over thousands of years. It's just a fact. Now we're using the equal rights legislation that has been passed in our own countries to celebrate our different  identities and live our lives the way we want to live them. Yes we want to pass even more legislation to help others who are being oppressed and denigrated against. If being passionate about this means we are hetereophobic, we'll own the label. Labels are vacuous unless you identify with them in any meaningful way anyways. If you brush off your LGBTQIAphobic comments we'll just brush off the hetereophobic ones. Simples!
  • "Misandry is as bad as misogyny" That's very true- but I'd point out sociologist Allen G. Johnson's work on the issue. In The Gender Knot: Unraveling our Patriarchal Legacy (1997) Johnson contends that the comparison between misandry and misogyny is misguided because mainstream culture offers no comparable misandry ideology. The accusations only work when people "confuse men as individuals with men as a dominant and privileged body of people." Equally anthropologist David D. Gilmore has stated that misandry refers "not to the hatred of men as men, but to the hatred of men's traditional role".
  • All you SJWs do is just generalise everyone" Well if you've  read my previous blog posts you'll discover just how similar yet different trans people are to heteronormals or cis people. Everyone belongs to one homogeneous group "humans" but we all have traits which make us individual. We all choose to identify with groups that best represent us. You choose conservative, evangelical, groups that wish to promote and maintain the status quo to mix with, and I choose socially liberated, queer groups that want to change the makeup of the Establishment to mix with. It's different horses for different courses. And you'd be angry if we denigrated you for being a warrior so you can protect your own group's interests hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  • "You're just another feminist that thinks they know everything" Well anyone can be a feminist. It's not a concept owned by any gender identity and many feminists love that trans women and men want to join the cause. We are all hurt by the current patriarchal dominance perpetrated by antiquated Judeo-Christian or Muslim principles.  Men don't own the monopoly on intellect and wisdom- not anymore! We may be widely read, well educated and socially aware but we've never said we "know everything"! Are you scared of women who want to be politicians, philosophers, business leaders and sports players? Those fields have been male domains in the past but not anymore. Transwomen deserve as good a place as any within these fields and that's why we advocate feminism so fervently!
  • "You just want to be oppressed" Nobody wants to be oppressed by anyone. Not unless they're some BDSM fetishist in the 50 Shades of Grey vein. It's the attitude CJWs have to SJWs that oppresses them. The oppression is coming from those in a position of privilege down to those who have very little influence politically or socially. In the UK we still haven't reached a situation where our parliamentary representation matches that of the social make-up of the UK. I'm a big fan of the 50:50 Parliamentary movement and believe that women only shortlists can be an effective way to get to that desired goal. If its anti-democratic, remember that in the past only upper class white men would have been put on a shortlist to be elected to Parliament and we're just trying to even the playing field a little using the methods that are openly available to us to do it.
  • "Hate just breeds more hate"- That's true, but why should LGBTQIA people always unconditionally love those that do harm to them all the time without rationalising why people choose to hate them. We could all turn "the other cheek" but if we then get attacked with a gun and killed or maimed or raped afterwards, we're the ones who have lost out. However we're not going to attack a whole group of people just because the individual that attacked us used a label to identify themselves with that group. And don't say that LGBTQIA people are weak; we can fight just as hard as any other type of person. Would you say the same to Black Lives Matter movement (yes) or the Gun Lobby (no)? Would you evangelicals be angry if we denigrated Muslims for their religious faith and intolerance? Nope didn't think so.
  • "Oh so I guess my opinion doesn't matter anymore"- Your opinion does matter; after all it's good to have a healthy debate. Just be careful not to denigrate your opponent offhand to massage your own ego and then you'll be listened to. After all we can agree to disagree at the end of the debate.
A final thought:
It's hilarious to see that CJWs decry SJW social media presence by saying "we have no life outside of the internet". Well I say: let's sound the pot calling kettle black klaxon on loudspeaker! Many CJWs are too afraid to speak their mind in person to address their political opponents, so create personas online that allow them to do it freely. SJWs find having a social media platform to advocate, inform and engage with people a positive, empowering experience. Living in a democracy means that we both have the right to engage in political and social discussion whatever side of the debate we are on. SJWs will happily listen to CJWs. But just remember this; show some respect for our viewpoint if you want us to show some respect for yours.