Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Look Mister I Wanna Know How Much More Addlins You Have Than Me: More On The Lincolnshire Dialect

Ey Up Folks!

I can see from my viewing figures that you all liked a few Yellowbelly words and phrases that made your funny bone tickle, especially after a divisive and rather diabolical EU Ref campaign. So I've been thinking and decided to offer you a few more for your linguistic delectation. Enjoy:

#MegaTrippyEyes when Addling
  • Addlins = If a Yellowbelly comes up to you while you're shopping and seems to have #megatrippyeyes they are probably going to ask you what your Addlins or earnings are. Not that they'd get many responses as we British peeps are very secretive when it comes to financial matters! Equally addling means "to earn" in Yellowbelly talk.
  • After-a-bit = You can use this funky phrase after a long period of #Twitterbating and need a cuppa or two- "I'll come back after-a-bit" or "I'll come back shortly".
  • Askey = Some guys have called me a bit "askey" when on a night out; it usually means "sideways" but can also be used by straight guys to point out the fact that you are not one of their crowd. Quite a relief for me tbh!
  • If you are bezzling, then you are guzzling your drink down far too fast and might end up getting slung out of the pub on your ear lightning quick!
  • In Lincolnshire, a Bobbo is not a simian (monkey/ape) but a Horse! Any Yellowbellies who want to own a racehorse may wish to call their horse Bobbo  as a tribute to our dialect (and to confuse the drunken punters down the racetrack!)
Hello Bobbo you beauty! 

Broggle Lols
  • On Facebook a Yellowbelly might like to broggle a friend to get them to respond to them- I like a good broggle/poke myself!  
  • Recently a lot of Brexiteers have been accusing Remainer youngsters of chelping; it seems a lot of Yellowbellies down Boston way disapprove of any young person answering back to their elders! Instead call having young people having any spirited view inspiring!
  • I do love chittering along of a Friday morning down Lincoln High street because it annoys the hell out of the normalising crowd. If you get accused of chittering the person is saying that you are talking foolishly but meh whatevs!
Eddie Monsoon: Queen of Chittering

Trump a Grufty Teg?
  • Meanwhile down my local Birchwood congregation of a Sunday I hear a lot of chuntering about the length of the morning sermon. Chuntering or Muttering is an Olympic sport many of those churchgoers would win a gold medal in- 20 years running!
  • In olden days, people out on the fields of Boston would have been known as Clod-Hoppers!
  • Yellowbellies hate to see any Dowking or wilting vegetables in their fridges! You'll get rebuked if you too it too often in Boston mind!
  • Most Remainers were Flummuxed (puzzled) after the Leave vote on Thursday; certainly a lot of puzzled faces around the High Street on Friday when I was shopping in Thornton's!
  • No doubt about it, racists and xenophobes would certainly be seen as Grufty tegs by Lincolnshire folks.
  • I love a bit of Mantling when I'm trying to think of what to write in my blog posts; procrastination often involves moving around without purpose!
Watch out for more tittering words and phrases from the land of Lincolnshire sausage and Poacher Cheese!