Saturday, 11 June 2016

Välkommen: I heard ya call like Viv Westwood style!

Aphra Behn: “There's no sinner like a young saint!”
Hej Hei alle sammen!

So after months of soul-searching and thinking "oh should I just hold my tongue and appear invisible just because I've committed the grave sin of loving to wear 60's style shift dresses and glossy expensive earrings all the morrow long", I've finally decided to bite the bullet and create a regular Twitter account and blog. I was inspired by Vivienne Westwood's call for intellectuals to unite on university campuses across the breadth of the UK, from St Andrews all the way down to the University of Kent but I feel that intellectuals can come from all walks of life and can include alumni (York) as well as the current crop of hard working "sehr klug" (German for ultraclever) students!
The main reason why I've chosen to add my own voice to the already "buxomly filled" world of social media is because I think rural transgender issues in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands have been ignored for far far too long! It just so happens to be the case that I'm dyspraxic and have a mild form of dyslexia, so I hope to inspire those with learning disabilities to have the confidence to express their views, regardless of what others, especially self confessed pundits might say about their method of delivery, choice of lexis or minor English syntactical inaccuracy! None of these really matter in the world of personal blogging! Finally, I want to have the freedom to be satirical in my transgender analysis of myself as I go through my journey, and want to be able to draw on my Scandi heritage to do it! I'm a "besserwisser" at heart and that's how I'm going to stay!

When certain pundits try and speak about rural issues, transgender "problems" or learning disability definitions (which is extremely rare these days as the ultra Conservatives think equality issues have been settled post Equality Act 2010 and Same Sex Marriage Act 2013), they seem to conflate, over generalise and then ignore them as being of "little concern to the general UK, European or world population at large". I've found that most equal opportunities activists wanting to explain specific transgender issues so as to add positively to the general debate get patronising, egotistical, predominantly patriarchally inclined savants with their "omnipotent, omniscient blinkering loudspeaker"  blasting bile at full volume at them so as to dismiss their valid and possibly valuable contributions straight out of hand. It's becoming quite an automated process, with these status-quo but no so “Status Quo cool” voices doing their "Little Lord Fauntleroy says No" act, defining me as a Social Justice Warrior or SJW and concluding that I am not “one jots” worth listening to.

The strange thing is that these critics of SJWs seem to miss the key point of social media activism; that it is often not just to highlight an individual's personal story so as to make them "Tweetfamous" or  "Instafamous" and allow them to attend glamorous but vacuous celebrity parties in £1000 Versace dresses and £2000 Gucci shoes, but to highlight issues and causes that they feel need to be highlighted and examined within a variety of modern communication platforms. The days of people being glued to Auntie Beeb for 4 hours a day after slogging their guts out at work or feeling compelled to listen to the drudgery of lengthy Londoncentric radio debates of a Thursday evening are long gone! Social media platforms like Twitter allow previously disenfranchised individuals to have their say, and to give them the confidence to know that the messages they are trying to convey are equally as valid as anyone else's on that platform. Pundits, particularly conservative ones don't seem to like us mere mortals all having the technical ability to establish a Twitter account and use it at will in the first place unless you're over the age of 34 and based in a semi detached house down Aylesbury way but this IS 2016 and they should understand that people do wish to communicate and engage in a multitude of ways as and when it suits them.

Some Twitter users and bloggers like myself don't really care how many followers they have on any given day. We're not glued to our frontispiece looking at the counter go up or down 300 times an hour! We also don't particularly care whether our tweets or comments are deemed sentient enough to be read out loud on TV to be opened up to "polite" scrutiny! However, we do want to encourage debate among a widest network as possible, and are more than happy to show agreement or disagreement with certain tweets or blog posts, even if they may offend others who have chosen to follow our account earlier on in that account's history.
We don't care if people decide to block us at will because that's part of what being on a democratic communication network such as Twitter is all about, but don't expect us to block you back in an angst ridden "toys out the pram" manner when the going gets tough and you can't seem to see the flawed logic in your argument stream! We cherish the freedom to tweet on the issues AS THEY HAPPEN, whether watching programmes, attending debates or even during our office lunch hours! It's quite refreshing when you can engage in a debate with followers and others on Twitter; it can lead to better awareness of an issue for some, despite the risk it may lead to hatred and bile being spurted by the other side. Maybe these self-righteous media hound sages hate the fact that some Twitter commentators are quick witted and can see the semantic or pragmatic holes in their argument, (usually based on the fact that people can relativise facts and use them to suit their own line of argument...everyone does it) so their "secret weapon" is to call you out as being “misinformed” or “shallow” or even "egotistical". I mean what is the point of Twitter if nobody is allowed to comment freely, address issues which matter to them, connect with those that represent their views if they wish and hopefully inspire those who are currently locked out from key debates? Especially those political debates that will determine the future of our "green and pleasant land"!
So yes folks, you guessed it! I'm going to own that SJW label that certain Twitter commentators want to give me, with the pride and dignity it confers! I'm also coining a new term, that I'll explain further in a future blog post, that of the Conservative Justice Warrior, or CJW! Believe me, these people are so bigoted and willing to defend the patriarchal status quo at all costs it makes Donald "I'm LGBTQI friendly but only when it suits my political advancement amongst independents" Trump's equality arguments look like Hillary Clinton's years of "supergeeky supercharged superready" foreign policy arguments!