Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Selection Of My Favourite Self-Created Donald Trump Memes From The US Presidential Election 2016

Hello Everyone! So the day's finally arrived...all my American friends will be out in awesomely fashionable white pantsuit Bey formation, waiting for hours on end (cos some "clever" nitwits decided to restrict polling sites due to Citizens United et al) only to then desperately try and make it home for rosy Pink champagne, chocolate macaroons and moreish iced fancies with a possible (not alone) bunk up nap before we wait to discover who has triumphed in this galling, conspiracy riddled, insult laden, ferocious Twitter Battling US election. Since everyone needs some light relief during these final hours of insanity, I thought I'd just share some of my own meme creations before they descend into the pit of miserly obscurity, only to be used in GCSE History lessons as a way to describe Monsieur Cray Cray Donald Drumpf. Enjoy!