Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why You Should Vote Lib Dem In Sleaford and North Hykeham

So you've heard about the stunning Richmond Park victory where a Liberal  Democrat "newbie", Sarah Olney managed to overturn a mahoosive majority and you want to know whether you can help do the same in Sleaford and North Hykeham but you don't know whether the Lib Dems are the party to do it. I voted Remain in the EU Referendum but I'm an independent voter when it comes to usual elections, but I've quite warmed to Ross Pepper and the Lib Dems since his profile has been raised on social media and his relatively competent The Lincolnite interview. So here's a few reasons why you should consider voting specifically Lib Dem on Thursday and I'll list them below:
  • Ross is the only major party candidate who voted to Remain in the EU Referendum. It seems obvious that it doesn't seem like a popular position to reveal in a constituency that voted 62.3% to Leave but Ross's take on Brexit strategy is that there should be a 2nd Referendum based on the terms of the Brexit deal that will be negotiated by Theresa May's Conservative government with the EU so that constituents can decide  for themselves whether or not to accept the terms and exit the EU or reject them for a better deal. This is why Ross will not vote to invoke Article 50 in Parliament unless a 2nd Referendum is agreed on.
  • Ross understands the importance of remaining in the Single Market for farmers who want to avoid having to pay excessive tariffs to export their food to EU countries such as The Netherlands, France and Germany. The National Farmers Union, NFU, has said recently there could be a decrease in exports if tariffs get imposed on UK produce and since we rely on the EU to import 75% of that produce, farmers could end up being forced out of business or cut production, which could lead to job losses in the constituency. 
  • There is also a need to maintain adequate funding for research projects conducted by agricultural scientists. I'm concerned to read that Ross has heard directly from several firms in the Sleaford and NH constituency who fear that a "brain drain" might happen as a consequence of leaving the EU because "the best and brightest! will be recruited by competitors based in the EU who will still benefit from having guaranteed funding streams.
  • Ross wants to tackle climate change on an international basis, making sure that May sticks to the Paris Agreement ratified last month. This means encouraging new renewable energy schemes in the constituency and opposing fracking.
  • Ross wants to make sure there is funding in place for appropriate flood prevention schemes in place for Sleaford and the surrounding villages such as Osbournby.
  • Ross believes that we need stronger ties with allies in the EU so that Lincs Police can work collaboratively with EU counterparts and police services to prevent fraud, cyber attacks and the possibility of terrorist attacks taking place in areas such as Lincoln or Sleaford.
  • Ross is against the creation of a "Super hub" Hospital at Lincoln, instead arguing that there has to be more funding in place for Grantham and Boston to prevent them from being "downgraded".
  • Ross supporters the reinstatement of 24 hour A&E services at Grantham Hospital and will speak directly to management and Jeremy Hunt to try and speed up the recruitment process.  
  • Ross supports the idea of the establishment of a Lincolnshire Medical School that will train doctors as well as nurses at the University of Lincoln.
  • Ross wants to see more funding for Lincolnshire based Mental Health and Social Care services; it is vital that there are enough care workers who can carry out their duties without feeling under pressure to "clock-in" on time.
  • Ross is committed to strengthening the Equality Act, ensuring that protections for workers from the LGBTQIA community are maintained and look into questioning Government policies relating to cuts to disability benefits and benefit sanctions.
  • Ross is in favour of lobbying for funding for improvements to the A15; drivers need to feel safe and secure whilst travelling on the roads around the constituency.
If you like the sound of even a few of these policies, I'd urge you to consider voting for Ross Pepper on Thursday. Lincolnshire deserves to be given the funding it needs to help maintain our police force, our NHS, our primary and secondary schools, our community recycling centres, our refuse services, our street lighting and our parks and recreational areas. Transport infrastructure is in desperate need of upgrading and the odd pity payment here and there for pothole repairs isn't quite going to cut it anymore. Yellowbellies are not greedy folk but isn't it about time that our voices and our votes were truly taken seriously by the "powers that be" down Westminster way? There are many funding decisions that can be made before (or if) we leave the EU. There are no excuses for funding shortfalls anymore. Send this clear message to May: Fund us appropriately or face mass rebellion against the Conservatives at the polls at the next General Election. I say that as someone who voted Conservative last year and Remain on the 23rd June but will not consider doing so again whilst May and the Brexiteers are in charge. The time for enacting political change is now but let's do it without resorting to divisive hyperbolic claims about migrants coming to Sleaford and causing epidemics and mass unemployment within professions that British born locals have currently shown little interest in doing. Vote for progressive, inclusive, thoughtful policies and ideas. Vote for Ross!